“My daughter has been learning Bharatanatyam since 2013 at Shivam School of Dance under the guidance of Guru Nayana Shenoy. Nayana is a very passionate and dedicated teacher and fosters the same appreciation and love for this beautiful art in her students through her teaching. She is extremely patient with kids and makes every effort to bring out the best in each one of her students. She highly motivates them to practice and strives to instill the values of hard work and discipline to help them reach their true potential. She is very organized and methodical in not only her teaching style but in her communication to parents as well – be it regarding the child’s progress or class schedules. I am amazed at the progress made by all her students over the years and happy to see my daughter look forward to every one of her dance classes with great enthusiasm.  I highly recommend Shivam School of Dance to anyone looking to learn Bharatanatyam.”

– Anu Mani

“Shivam School of Dance and Guru Smt. Nayana Shenoy’s mission to inculcate Indian culture and tradition to the young generation via Bharatnatyam is very commendable. Nayana Shenoy is a very passionate, dedicated, and a gifted teacher. Her teaching methodology not only adheres to traditional learning, but also improvises when appropriate. Being the only adult student among all the youth students, Nayana challenges me equally instilling confidence, discipline, self-control, and a positive image to continuously pursue my passion. She always knows each student’s psyche, constantly coaching the students to focus, and to use dance as a means to inculcate a well-rounded approach to life. I feel privileged that Nayana is my Guru and I am her student!”

– Manasa Rao

“My daughter has been learning Bharatnatyam for 6 years at the Shivam School of Dance. Although she started at the age of 6 with a fascination for Bollywood dance, she has now developed an appreciation and love for this traditional dance thanks to Nayana. Nayana is very passionate about Bharatnatyam and it shows not just in the weekly lessons, but also in the wonderful annual program and Vijayadashami pooja event she conducts. The school strikes a good balance of discipline and patience with the kids, pushing them towards the perfection this dance form deserves. We hope to see more stage performances throughout the year from the budding artists of this school.”

– Swati Prabhu

“My daughter has been learning Bharathanatyam from Shivam School of Dance for the last 7 years. We couldn’t find a better instructor than Guru Smt. Nayana Shenoy. She  has a deep knowledge of the art form, passionate, and extremely talented. Nayana is great and  very patient with kids. She always makes sure the kids understand the meaning of the song they practice. Sometimes  she would tell them the story/meaning  of  the song which helps  kids understand better. She makes sure the kids understand the importance of culture along with the art of dance and also makes sure the kids have FUN !!! It’s been 7 years of dance journey for my kid and I see her progress well, growing to be a disciplined dancer. It’s an awesome place for an adult or kids to learn how to dance. Amazing, super talented instructor AND an awesome, relaxing environment !!!!! I would definitely recommend Shivam School Of Dance !!!!!”

– Mamatha Ningegowda

“My daughter has been a student at Shivam school of dance for the last 8 years. Guru Nayana Shenoy is very dedicated and passionate about Bharathanatya which is clearly reflected in her teaching. She immensely cares about her students, motivates and helps them to achieve their potential. She takes time to explain the meaning of the steps and lyrics which helps the students in their expression. She is always available for any queries or concerns. Every year we eagerly wait for the annual program showcasing the talents of all the students of the school. Thank you Nayana for teaching and cultivating the love for the beautiful art form in the next generation.”

– Namita Mujumdar

“My daughter is a part of Shivam School of Dance for more than 6 years now. I truly appreciate Nayana’s dedication and love for Bharatanatyam. Nayana brings best out of a student. She is firm about student performance yet at the same time caring and really considerate. Nayana always looks for ways to improve the program and ready to listen to any inputs we have. Fun and professional Annual program showcase what kids have learnt through out the year, at the same time brings everyone together as a family. My daughter looks forward to every dance class and annual program practices. Thanks Nayana and Shivam School of Dance for teaching my daughter not only Bharatanatyam but also discipline and other life lessons with it.”

– Pinky Amin

“Guru Nayana Shenoy is one of the finest Bharatanatyam teachers in the Bay Area. She has a great passion for dance and teaches with ease and expertise. She focuses on the perfection of each step and works with every student until they get it right. I have been sending my daughter to learn Bharatanatyam with Nayana Shenoy for about eight years. It has been a wonderful journey for my daughter and she developed an immense interest and passion for dance. I highly recommend Guru Nayana and Shivam School of Dance to anyone who is looking to learn Bharatanatyam.”

– Uma Kalluri

“Our daughter is learning Bharatanatyam from Shivam School of Dance, taught by Nayana Shenoy. She is a fabulous teacher. Our daughter learns about Hindu cultural stories like Dashavatharam, Ramayana, among others, which enhance the overall spiritual growth. Nayana instructs multiple exercises along with Bharatanatyam that improve physical health. She takes tremendous effort in teaching the kids with several practice and homework sessions. Her annual programs are spectacular with proper planning and practice. We feel fortunate that our daughter is learning Bharatanatyam from her.”

– Vidya and Karthik

“My daughter has been a student at Shivam School of Dance for 7 years now and has enjoyed every class she attended.  Guru Nayana Shenoy keeps classes rigorous yet enjoyable and oversees each students’ individual needs.  She is pleasant and patient with her students and takes time to provide individual feedback.  It has been a pleasure having her as my daughters’ guru.”

– Madhavi Gupta

“My daughter started learning dance at the age of 6 starting in 2018 in Shivam School of Dance. Initially, we got a referral from a friend of ours about Nayana Shenoy. She is her first and only Bharatanatyam teacher so far. She is extremely good at teaching kids of all ages, very dedicated, and caring. She gives crisp and clear instructions and makes sure kids understand. She involves parents whenever needed to make sure we understand the structure of her course, how we can help, etc. During the pandemic, she went above and beyond with zoom sessions to make sure kids don’t miss out on classes. Importantly, she was able to mirror her in-person classes online. She has been really awesome with the kids and recommend her for future students.”

– Jeevan Kamisetty 

“Shivam dance school is an excellent school to learn Bharatanatyam in San Jose. Ms. Nayana is an extremely talented teacher and has a very endearing way of teaching children of all ages. She is very passionate about teaching dance and is always available for our children and easily accessible. When we moved to CA a year ago, we were introduced to Shivam dance school by a friend and from the beginning we felt like we belonged to our wonderful dance family. My nine year old always looks forward to her lessons. She not only is learning to dance skillfully, she is also learning about our roots and culture. Even in the pandemic, the dance lessons were conducted virtually, and my daughter took part in a dance recital program within a year of starting. Ms. Nayana was very committed even during the pandemic to keep the school open and teach the children. She is very friendly, kind, and approachable and always helping. She is a true guru that is imparting her “kala” to her students. Shivam dance school is a hidden GEM and I would highly recommend it to anyone. “

– Meghna Desai 

“My daughter has been going to Shivam School of Dance for the past 3 years. I see her learn the dance forms and improvise her dance under the able guidance of her teacher Ms. Nayana Shenoy. My daughter has been learning the rich history of the ancient Indian dance form and enjoying the classes since day one. Ms. Nayana is a very patient teacher and friendly with kids. Her classes are well structured, communicates with parents/students with practise videos on her websites and whatsapp messages. She has an annual event where all her students display their dance recitals and it is very well presented. I would recommend Nayana as a Bharatnatyam dance instructor for both Adults and Kids dance class.”

– Ramya Nagaraj


“Namaste! My daughter, Rachna has been Nayana’s student for the past eight years. Nayana is an outstanding, patient, passionate, no nonsense, kind yet firm (when needed) Bharatnatyam guru. When Rachna first expressed interest in learning Bharatnatyam, I was looking for a teacher that would let her enjoy learning dance without the pressures of rules and regulations as she was juggling multiple activities. Nayana has been extremely understanding and provided support to both the students and the parents to make this an easier journey. Over the years, the annual performances at Shivam School of dance have been beautifully staged and it has been most enjoyable to see the students advance through the years. As Rachna goes off to college shortly, I thank Nayana for instilling the knowledge, intricacies, passion and discipline that comes with learning Bharatnatyam dance in her. And I am also thankful that Nayana helped her understand the learning Bharatnatyam is not about the destination but a long, beautiful journey that lasts for years to come!” 

– Rama Parthasarathy 

“My daughter has been learning Bhartanatyam from Nayana for over 8 years. She has never once complained about going to class. Nayana makes classes fun while emphasizing learning it the right way. Kids connect with her well. She has been a wonderful partner to parents as well, nudging our kids when more practice and diligence is required, but also understanding the demanding schedule of a high schooler. Thank you Nayana and Shivam school of dance for this experience and for helping our kids stay connected to their tradition.”

– Prathima 

“I first had the opportunity to meet Guru Smt. Nayana Shenoy about 9 years ago. We were the audience of her dance school’s first performance in 2012. After watching the enthralling show, we were convinced that Shivam School of Dance would be a golden opportunity for our children to learn this traditional form of art. Under the guidance of Guru Smt. Nayana Shenoy, both my daughters have been fortunate to learn Bharatnatyam for the past 8 years. Nayana has been very organized and communicative since day one. She is punctual and always makes her yearly dance schedules ahead of time. In spite of being such an exceptional dancer herself, she is able to convey the dance steps in a manner understandable for younger children. Nayana’s patience and calm demeanor are very inspiring for her students. She is clear with her instructions and expectations from the students and parents. She knows all of her students on a personal basis, consistently working on their strengths and weaknesses to build a level of confidence. Nayana is prompt in her responses and provides regular feedback for all her students. As a parent, this feedback helps me comprehend my child’s progress and how I can encourage them at home. Shivam School of Dance’s annual performance is a vibrant and colorful event we eagerly look forward to. Guru Smt. Nayana choreographs unique and elegant dance pieces for her students to perform every year. She goes above and beyond to perfect every detail including regular practice rehearsals, costume/makeup arrangements, and additional practice classes. Her immense hard work, passion, and dedication make it possible for the students of Shivam School of Dance to showcase their talents in Bharatnatyam during this beautiful Nrityosava event. Even during the pandemic, Nayana’s perseverance to continue the classes virtually and still compile the virtual annual performance was truly commendable. From the beginning, Guru Smt. Nayana has nurtured Shivam School of Dance with her relentless hardwork and passion. It has been a privilege to see my children understand, enjoy, and learn Bharatnatyam under her able guidance. Today, we see that her students have grown into confident and talented dancers over the years. We highly recommend the Shivam School of Dance for interested dancers of all ages. We are gratified to be a part of the Shivam School of Dance family, and my daughters feel extremely fortunate to have Guru Smt. Nayana Shenoy as their teacher.”

– Lakshmi Bythadka

“My daughter has been learning from Guru Nayana Shenoy for past 9 years. She is one of the first batch students of her dance school. Guru Nayana Shenoy is extremely dedicated, passionate and hardworking. She works tirelessly to present the perfect annual celebration every year. She is very patient with her students as well as in communicating with parents. It’s an absolute pleasure to be part of Shivam Dance School.”

–  Jigisha Mehta 

“We love Shivam School of Dance and Guru Nayana Shenoy!My daughter has been going to Shivam School of Dance since she was six and it was one of the best choices we have made for her. The curriculum and teaching methods are excellent, and we are very happy with progress she made so far. Guru Nayana Shenoy is a phenomenal instructor. She is good with kids; teaches them to be disciplined and respect the art, also very patient and gentle at the same time. She encourages kids to practice during the week and follows up with them and parents as well. She makes learning dance fun and exciting. My daughter is always excited and looks forward for her Bharathanatyam class.Guru Nayana Shenoy is very passionate about Bharathanatyam. Her love for dance is evident from the effort she puts in to organize annual Nrityotsav, where her creativity and hard work is showcased by students’ performances of orchestrated dance pieces; delightful to watch.”

– Vijayadurga Jammula

“My daughter started with Ms. Nayana Shenoy at Shivam school of dance at the age of 7. Since that day, and over the last 7 years, she has been really enjoying the classes and has mastered several levels under Ms. Nayana’s tutelage. Though we moved out of the San Jose area, we have continued with Ms. Nayana, because my daughter absolutely loves her and her style of teaching, and wants to learn only from her. Ms. Nayana always cares about what her students want and puts their best interest before anything else. She goes beyond just teaching the theory to teach the culture and traditional context behind the dance pieces. This has made my daughter appreciate the concepts and made her feel more passionate about dance.  Ms. Nayana has been much more than a dance teacher. She has built a strong connection with her students and is very understanding and supportive when they go through difficult times. Not only Ms. Nayana, but her entire family is dedicated to Shivam School of Dance. We have personally seen the tremendous amount of hard work her family puts in to make the Annual Recital programs a grand success. Through the years, under the teaching of Ms. Nayana, I have seen my little girl master the nuances of Bharatanatyam and grow into a teenager who now wants to do an Arangetram with her. At this point, Ms. Nayana is more than a dance teacher to us. She is very much a part of our family. We hope our daughter continues her dance journey and carries her teacher’s legacy throughout her life.”

– Mythili Lakshminarayanan 

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