Shivam- School of Dance is devoted to the development of fine arts, especially Bharatanatyam in its purest form.

Bharatanatyam is a very sensitive and powerful means of expressing human emotions and aspirations, blended perfectly with physical grace. Sage Bharata, an ancient Indian musicologist and author of the Natya Shastra has rightly said “There is no wisdom, nor knowledge; no art, nor craft; no device, nor action that is not found in Natya”.

Indian dance is centered around one constant aim and one all-embracing purpose: to find and realize our oneness with the Almighty. Although there are various ways of depicting this identification with the divine, dance has always been a spiritual medium to access this unity.

Shivam School of Dance, located in the beautiful Evergreen community of San Jose, California is a creation of love by Nayana Shenoy, a long-time devotee.

Spending relentless hours under the guidance of her Guru, Smt. Jayalakshmi Alva, Nayana is bringing Indian traditional dance form to the younger generation. She believes in preserving Bharatanatyam in traditional form.

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